Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage advertisements featuring Bollywood Stars

In a rapidly expanding market, nothing makes a product stand out better than a familiar face and Bollywood stars can promote from 10 to 15 products a year, making $1 million plus from each deal which can far exceed their earnings from movies or TV shows. The celebrity endorsement market in India is estimated to be worth about US$185 million a year with Bollywood stars last year accounting for 80 percent of endorsements on Indian television.
But it doesn't happen with a blink. The entry of Bollywood star in advertising started five decades ago because of the unparalleled reach and aspiration quality that Bollywood actors and actresses gave to our cinema crazy nation.  
I am sharing some old ads, featuring Bollywood’s lads and ladies, who gave credibility to brand just with their association. 

Vinod Khanna Promoting Cinthol soap 

Mithun Chakraborty  Promoting VCR

Parveen Babi in Lux

Salman Khan  & Sangeeta Bijlani promoting Graviera Suitings

Hema Malini in Lux

Jackie Shroff promoting Binny Textile 

Ashok Kumar in Prudent ad

Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy and Raj Kapoor promoting CSA Jet

Jackie shroff in Avis jeans

Kabir Bedi in Wills 

Ashok Kumar  promoting Ambiking Suitings

Akshay Kumar in Red & White

Jackie Shroff in Savage after shave
Kishore Kumar in Brylcream

Aamir Khan promoting Hero Puch

Shatrughn  Sinha in Bagpiper ad

Rekha in Lux ad

Juhi Chawla promoting Dinesh Suitings

Rajesh Khanna promoting Fabina Suitings

Dharmendra Promoting Topaz

Zeenat Aman in Lux ad

Parveen Babi in Bombay Dyeing 

Mithun Chakraborty promoting National electrics

Mumtaz in Lux ad

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