Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bollywood & its influences on the Indian society

100 years of Bollywood 

        "Bollywood had reflected the true mood of Indian society for last 100 years"
There have been several school of thoughts on cinema till date. While to some critics it happens to be the greatest medium of entertainment, others do opine that it is a medium that disseminates moving pictures. It would have been better if all had ended here. There is another aspect of cinema – it is a medium that does reflect the true mood of the society and also the changing reality. In accordance with several pundits, the Bollywood assimilate the last definition and in the best manner. Do you agree with the same assertion? Without a doubt Bollywood has played a major role hitherto and through decades it has also been the most appreciated medium of entertainment. 

Now the question remains whether it has been the medium of entertainment only or of something else. Surely you’re interested to know the definition of this word – else. If truth be told, Bollywood has changed through times and has always tried to cope with the changing reality. If we take the mainstream cinema or simply Bollywood into consideration, it will be found that lots of changes have occurred. Gone are the days of 50s  when a good number of classics like Madhumati, Sujata, Do Aankhen Bara Haath and lots of others did dominate.

It was followed by the swinging 60s and radical 70s that were found to exert considerable impacts on the Indian society. Popular perception did change and the unrestrained Indian youth started to find its own replica in the celluloid through the angry heroes. The subsequent decades did not bring any change even if violence and vulgarity became a part and parcel of the Indian cinema and the same is in full vigor at the moment. Perhaps the Indian cinema has been gratifying the changing reality! 

Even if the regional cinema industry has struck back exceptionally well, they have remained out of the main scenario. And who doesn’t know that exceptions are always exceptions. What can be deduced here then? The influence has never been unidirectional – Indian society and cinema have been influencing each other altogether. 

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